10 Clever Ways To Store Books In A Small Apartment

Finding space for all of your belongings in a small apartment is not easy. For bookworms, the struggle is even more real. But that stops today. Carving out space for your growing book collection will be easy with these book storage ideas. I promise!

If you’re looking for ways to store your books it means you probably have a pretty impressive collection of books that you’re not willing to give up. With the perfect book storage, you can continue growing your mini library without any problems.

This list will be useful if you’re looking for book storage ideas that go beyond the standard bookcase. You’ll find creative hacks for storing your books and discover sneaky storage spaces you may have overlooked.

Let’s get inspired!

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10 Clever Book Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

book storage ideas for small apartment

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1. Hang a bookshelf under the ceiling

This is a great way to squeeze in more storage without sacrificing floor space. Hang bookshelves near the ceiling to save space in your small room. Sure, you might need a ladder every now and then, but at least you’re avoiding clutter.

One of the main benefits of this hack is that it makes the ceiling look taller than it really is. Mounting this bookcase directly under the ceiling draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of height in the room. That’s a win! Plus, it just looks pretty.

2. On your staircase

Showcase your favorite reads in a fun and creative way with this staircase storage hack. Add books along your staircase railing to create a beautiful book trail leading upstairs. Open staircases like these are often dead space anyway. Why not use it as storage? It even adds some color to the space.

3. In your hallway

Historias De Casa || Pinterest

Hallways are often one of the most overlooked and underutilized spaces in the home. When working with smaller homes, ignoring this space is a huge mistake. Transform your hallway into a mini library by adding a few wall shelves. With this setup, browsing and organizing your books is easy.

Pro Tip: Use accent lighting to spotlight your beautiful collection.

4. DIY cube shelves

Credit: Brittany Purlee via Apartment Therapy || Pinterest

We can’t have a list of book storage ideas without mentioning DIY storage. Make a statement with your books by creating a wall-mounted bookshelf feature wall. This is an easy and affordable option. Mount boxes or crates of different sizes and shapes onto your wall. Arrange them in a unique and interesting layout. Then add your books and other decor accents. Now you have yourself a beautiful focal point.

5. Under your bed

platform bed with storage underneath

Get this storage bedframe at Overstock

If you prefer to store your books in your bedroom, under-bed storage is a good option. While this hack is easier with an actual storage bed, it’s not necessary for this hack. Use baskets or storage boxes that can easily slide out from under your bed. I’ve seen amazing under-bed storage hacks using Ikea bookshelves. So get creative!

6. In Your Coat closet – Create a closet library!

closet library hack bokk storage idea

If your books mean more to you than coat storage then this is a clever option for you. Add a few shelves inside your coat closet to create a cozy home for your beloved books. If you have room, add a few decor accents for styling. This is officially my favorite book storage hack!

7. A Space-Saving Corner Bookcase

FYI, Overstock has a dedicated section full of Small-Space Furniture & Solutions! It’s definitely worth checking out.

Corner furniture is a must-have for small living spaces. These corner bookcases provide the extra storage you need without sacrificing too much space. Corner shelves are the perfect solution for those empty and awkward corners in the home.

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If you’re looking for apartment-sized furniture online, I put together a list Here: Where To Buy Furniture For Small Spaces? (That’s Not IKEA).

best types of furniture for small spaces


9 Best Types Of Furniture For Small Spaces.


8. Floor to ceiling bookshelf accent wall

Pinterest || Coco Lapine Design

Just like the bookcase-under-the-ceiling hack, adding floor-to-ceiling shelves like this will add height to your room. This look is sophisticated and gives off a luxe vibe. With this hack, you get more storage, more floor space, and a beautiful accent wall. Win, win, and win!

9. Stack them up for the perfect floating library

House & Home || Pinterest

Stack your books to create a floating bookshelf tower. Use small floating shelves to keep them steady. This is a cool hack because you can barely see the shelves in between! The books really do look like they’re floating in mid-air.

Shop these shelving units below or DIY it Here!

10. Build a book staircase shelf

staircase bookshelf book storage ideas


Elevate your storage game by giving your books their own staircase. These would look amazing on your actual staircase wall!

There you have it! 10 clever book storage ideas for small apartments. I hope you were inspired.

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Until next time. Happy Decorating!

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