22 Dark & Moody Powder Room Ideas For A Dramatic Upgrade

Deciding on a moody powder room might be scary for some. But since you landed here it means that you’re ready to take the plunge and you need some inspiration, right? I’ve got a real treat for you!

I put together a list of 22 stunning moody powder room ideas featuring rich, deep tones, gallery walls, luxe gold accents, and playful and feminine elements. There’s something for every design style here!

But First, What Are Moody Interiors?

Dark and moody interior design is a style that speaks to a deep and saturated color palette and a richness of depth and character.

One common misconception is that moody interiors will exclusively use black. While black is a great color to incorporate in design, it’s not right for everyone. 

You can create a moody atmosphere by using darker hues of any color (you’ll see in the list below). Also, remember that a dark palette is not only for masculine spaces. With the right accessories, dark colors can also be used to create a feminine space, full of moody elegance. 

Though dark blues, purples, and grays are often considered in moody decor schemes, a deep and bold red or an earthy green can also do the trick. Pick a color you love and find the darkest shade to create your moody powder room.

Why Try A Moody Powder Room?

Although you’re already leaning towards this style you may still be thinking “should I risk using dark colors in such a small space?” Many of your fears may be coming back after that statement. Now you’re thinking “It might be too dark. I’m probably going to feel claustrophobic.” And the big one -“It might make the space feel even smaller!” I totally get it!

But here are a few things to consider:

#1 Dark Colors Make Walls Recede

When you apply a darker color to something, it will recede.  Painting the walls of a small room dark will make it recede. The result? The walls will be less of a focal point, creating a space that feels larger. Check out these tips for Using Dark Paint In A Small Bathroom.

#2 Moody Interiors are Dramatic

Decorating With Dark Paint is a great way to make a statement. Dark powder rooms are bold, classic, and can be quite luxurious with the right accessories. Do you want to wow your guests? Look no further than incorporating dark and moody colors. 

#3 Moody Interiors Showcase Pieces

A darker palette will make wall art pop off the walls! As the dark walls recede and become part of a background, your favorite lighting fixtures, accessories, and artwork move to the foreground, standing out more than they would in a lighter room.

12 Moody Powder Rooms That Prove Dark Colors Work In Small Spaces!


moody powder room with dark floral wallpaper

Image via Pinterest. Source House & Home.


dark moody powder room with gold accents

Image via Pinterest. Source- Neat n’ Tiny


Image via Pinterest. Source: Apartment Therapy


Images via Pinterest


dark green tiny bathroom

Image via Pinterest. Source: Amy Shirlaw Interiors


dark deep blue powder room

Image via Pinterest. Source: Daily Mail UK / Facebook.


dark moody powder room with gallery wall

Image via Pinterest


dark powder room with tropical wallpaper

Image via Pinterest


dark gray powder room with wooden and gold accents

Image via Pinterest.


deep red moody bathroom with gold and wooden accents

Image via Pinterest.


dark gray powder room with gold geometric wallpaper and accents


dark red vintage bathroom

Image via Pinterest. Source: Elle Decor


black contemporary powder room

Image via Pinterest. Source: HGTV


dark olive green powder room

Image via Pinterest.


dark gray farmhouse powder room

Image via Pinterest. Source:


luxe dark bathroom

Image via Pinterest.


eclectic dark green and floral powder room

Image via Pinterest.


dark purple powder room

Image via Pinterest.


warm and cozy gray powder room

Image via Pinterest


dark mauve and geometric walls small bathroom

Image via Pinterest.


dark powder room with exotic moody wallpaper

Image via Pinterest. Source: Darren James


deep burgundy moody powder room

Image via Pinterest. Source: Behance

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22 dark moody powder room ideas

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