Under-Bed Storage You Won’t Want To Hide

We can all agree that bedrooms without built-in closets call for a little imagination. Under-bed storage is a great way to maximize space in a tiny bedroom. They are extremely popular among small space dwellers and the options are endless. The downside is that many of these under-bed storage items look really dull and unattractive. We’ve all seen the large plastic storage bins that look like oversized food containers.

No shade, Just sayin’…

Now, If your goal is to hide things away far under your bed and out of sight, then it’s likely that your focus is function rather than aesthetics. I totally get it. You don’t need it to be pretty, you just need a place to stash your stuff.

But if you plan to have these storage items visible under your bed and want something that’s more decorative and attractive, then stick around! I’ve rounded up some stylish under-bed storage for your small bedroom.

Under-Bed Storage For Small Bedrooms.

Under-Bed Storage Baskets

Baskets are a great way to add extra storage in a small bedroom. They’re natural-looking, lightweight and just pretty. The natural tones of storage baskets go great with many decor pallets.

Under-Bed Storage Boxes & Bins

For more decorative options, storage boxes and bins will do the trick. With limitless styles and patterns to choose from, these storage items do well to add a bit of decoration to your bedroom. Stylish storage is always fun!

Under-Bed Storage Drawers

If you’re looking for wheeled or wooden under bed storage, then drawers are your best bet. Chosen wisely, under bed storage drawers blend nicely with the rest of the bed to create a seamless look.

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